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Learn the tactical accounting skills your career needs to succeed — in addition to the business acumen, interpersonal communication, and ethical awareness of a well-rounded professional.

  • Four-year, 120-hour program
  • Many students obtain the 150 semester hours required to take the Uniform CPA exam
  • Dual BA/MBA available



Gain the aesthetic training and technical knowledge needed for a career in the creative economy. Learn within small classes, internships, and the thriving local art community.

  • Areas of emphasis include: Painting, Sculpture & Extended Media, Photography, and Digital Art
  • Learn from seasoned professional artist faculty

Arts Administration


Couple business acumen with artistic sensibilities to prepare for a future in management of the fine and performing arts. Students in this program also earn a minor in Business Administration.

  • Select a concentration in Art, Music, or Theatre
  • Prepare for careers within both public and private cultural organizations

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Gain a fundamental knowledge of the sciences in this program that integrates chemistry and biology. Students dive deep into learning that stimulates creative thinking and effective problem-solving through scientific experimentation.

  • Learn to synthesize, critique, and communicate scientific data



Master the principles and practices of biological sciences in this broad, contemporary curriculum. Biology students have the opportunity to participate in research with faculty, as well as to pursue studies abroad.

  • Apply your biological knowledge, skills, and techniques within the laboratory
  • Prepare for graduate, medical, dental, veterinary, and other studies

Business Administration


Understand the core business functions and skills needed in a globalizing world. Students must articulate business concepts in presentations and written communications and analyze ethical business problems.

  • Proudly accredited by the international Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), an honor which fewer than 5% of business schools worldwide achieve



Gain a deeper understanding of chemistry and its applications in diverse fields such as biology, physics, geology, and environmental studies. Students master fundamental concepts and apply them within the laboratory.

  • Great for students pursuing careers in engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, forensic science, or science education



Learn about media in many different platforms, including newspaper, magazine, websites, television, film, radio, and social media. Select from the following areas of study within the major:

  • Graphic and Digital Design
  • Sports Broadcasting & Television/Radio Production
  • Journalism and New Media Writing
  • Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing

Computer Science


Analyze, design, and develop computer software and hardware. Learn to solve issues in programming, operating systems, computer networks, and software engineering.

  • Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • Prepare for careers in information systems, software engineering, and mobile computing

Criminal Justice Studies


Learn a broad liberal arts perspective on crime and society in this interdisciplinary program. Students develop research skills, theoretical insights, and practical experiences in the real world where these skills and insights can be applied.

  • Faculty have experience in criminal profiling, police and correctional administration, and law

Design, Arts, and Technology


Integrate the arts with digital technology in a number of areas, including:

  • Website Development & Design
  • Film and Video Production
  • Sound Editing and Audio Production
  • Multimedia Art
  • Graphic Design
  • 2D Animation
  • Communications Technology
  • Arts Entrepreneurship



Understand how scarce resources are allocated and develop the tools needed to understand a broad spectrum of economic logic and statistical analysis. Develop efficient outcomes while understanding equity, ethics, and morality.

  • Prepare for jobs in banking, finance, insurance, real estate, marketing, or business analytics



Meet the diverse needs of today’s learners through a rewarding career in education. Graduates earn two teaching certifications, one in special education and one in one of the following areas:

  • Elementary school emphasis
  • Middle school emphasis
  • High school emphasis
  • Learning & behavioral disorders



Develop deep abilities in reading and writing through a variety of texts. Gain an in-depth understanding of diverse literary histories and their social and cultural contexts in our English program.

  • Prepare to work in diverse fields such as advertising, journalism, education, publishing, law, public relations, management, government, and academic administration

Environmental Science


Gain a greater understanding of the impact humans have in the natural world. This program integrates life and physical sciences to examine the ecological processes and technologies needed to mitigate environmental problems.

  • Prepare to work in environmental technology, environmental monitoring, conservation biology, and environmental science research

Environmental Studies


Gain a mastery of environmental literacy and analyze environmental issues both on campus and throughout the region in this interdisciplinary program. Students gain the skills to work toward a more ecologically sustainable society.

  • Prepare to work in environmental planning, international development, environmental communications, and environmental education

Exercise Science


Study how the human body responds to exercise and movement. This field encompasses health, wellness and fitness, and sport performance.

  • Choose from a specialized track in Health and Wellness or Sport Performance
  • Students can obtain a dual BA/MHS or BA/MSAT through the 5-year early-entry program



Study the theory and application of finance with a broad background in accounting and economics. Become a well-rounded critical thinker with this liberal arts curriculum.

  • Students obtain jobs in banking, consulting, financial planning, insurance, and corporate finance
  • AACSB-accredited

Global Languages and Cultures


Gain an understanding of global culture, language, geography, history, and politics in this interdisciplinary area of study. Students select one foreign language in which to master reading, writing, and verbal communication skills and develop a global competency through study abroad experiences.

  • Select from Spanish, French, or German

Health Services


Prepare for a range of career opportunities in health services and senior living. Learn to plan, organize, and achieve goals for health organizations. Students may select one of the following degree options:

  • B.A. in Health Services
  • B.S. in Health Services and Senior Living Leadership
  • B.S. in Health Services Executive Leadership



Understand the broad spectrum of human experience in this liberal arts program. Students master research, analysis, and writing skills through the study of global historical and political perspectives.

  • Students prepare to work in fields such as business, government, education, and public service

Liberal Studies


This program is for students who wish to pursue a general degree in the liberal arts. Students tailor their studies to their individual interests and career aspirations.

  • This is an ideal choice for students looking for a truly interdisciplinary education as well as those transferring to Bellarmine with a diverse range of credits

Mathematics and Actuarial Science


Master logical analysis to reveal and understand relationships between numbers, functions, shapes, and sets. These programs engage students with this dual nature of mathematics, presenting the power of its methods and revealing the beauty of theory.

  • Students pursue careers in finance, insurance, data analysis, education, and other fields with a quantitative emphasis

Medical Laboratory Science


Students in this program provide the science that supports health-care decisions. Learn to analyze cells and fluids, identify disease-causing bacteria and viruses, and perform testing prior to transfusions and transplantation.

  • Undergraduate MLS majors have the opportunity to complete a dual BHS/MHS program in five years



Learn from diverse courses, enriching music activities and ensembles, and individual attention from industry-experienced faculty in one of the following areas:

  • Instrumental Performance
  • Jazz Studies
  • Piano Pedagogy and Accompanying
  • Music Technology
  • Theory and Composition
  • Vocal Performance



Gain the training and expertise needed for a thriving nursing career from distinguished faculty, a state-of-the art simulation laboratory, and clinical and practicum experiences. Students may select one of the following nursing tracks:

  • 4-Year
  • Accelerated



Uncover and understand the fundamental questions that stand at the center of human existence. Explore questions posed by the greatest thinkers from Greek antiquity to the present day.

  • Prepare for a broad range of professions including law, business, medicine, education, politics, administration, and human relations



Gain a foundational understanding of theoretical, computational, and experimental physics in an active learning environment. Participate in undergraduate research to hone your technical competency and analytical thinking.

  • Prepare for employment in the STEM fields — or graduate studies in physics

Political Science


Develop an understanding of American government, law, political theory, and international politics. Use humanistic and scientific perspectives and methodological approaches on the political dynamics of all regions of the world.

  • Prepare for careers in government and many other related professions in which an understanding of politics and the political system is needed


Pre-Professional Program

Preparation for a dental career begins at the undergraduate level. Gain the guidance and support needed to navigate dental school applications with our pre-dental program.

  • Work with the Pre-Dental Advisory Committee to discuss pre-admission testing and application procedures for dental school


Pre-Professional Program

Prepare for law school at the undergraduate level with our Pre-Law professional program. Gain a competitive edge with curriculum analysis and suggested courses to develop the analytical skills needed for law.

  • Work with our Pre-Law advisory panel to prepare for the LSAT and the application process for law school


Pre-Professional Program

Prepare for rigorous medical school applications and beyond with our Pre-Medical professional program. Receive guidance and support in order to meet entrance requirements and have a competitive edge in your medical school applications.

  • Work with the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee to discuss pre-admission testing and application procedures for medical school


Pre-Professional Program

Gain a competitive edge and prepare for admission into pharmacy school with our Pre-Pharmacy professional program. Meet coursework and extra-curricular requirements needed for admittance.

  • Work with Pre-Pharmacy advisors to prepare for the Pharmacy College Admission Test and submit applications to pharmacy programs

Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre-Professional Program

Prepare for a rewarding career as a Physical Therapist with Bellarmine’s Pre-PT professional program. Pair a major of your choosing with this program. Work with advisors to meet course requirements and prepare for the application process.

  • Note that any undergraduate program can be adapted to allow for major courses, general education courses, and physical therapy prerequisite courses

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Pre-Professional Program

Prepare for competitive veterinary school applications with the Bellarmine Pre-Veterinary Medicine professional program. Select a major and pair your studies with the guidance of the Pre-Veterinary program, which ensures you’ll meet the requirements needed for vet school applications.

  • Work closely with a Pre-Veterinary advisor to meet academic and extra-curricular experience requirements for the application process



Apply a scientific approach to the study of human behavior in our psychology program, which prepares students to work in a related discipline or to pursue graduate studies in psychology. Students may select from one of the following tracks:

  • Human Clinical and Counseling
  • Human Resources
  • Traditional

Radiation Therapy


Prepare for an engaging and in-demand career as a radiation therapist. Clinical rotations are performed at a variety of centers, giving students a full range of clinical procedures.

  • Students may take the national board exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) after coursework is completed

Respiratory Therapy


This program prepares students to become a respiratory therapist to treat patients with lung and heart disorders. Students develop intellectual, moral, ethical, and professional competencies needed to become a leader in the field.

  • Prepare for a career as a respiratory therapist working in hospitals, home care, and rehabilitation facilities



Combine sociological theory with hands-on experience in internships and police ride-alongs. Social justice issues and the role of institutions in creating injustice are central to the learning experience.

  • Prepare for careers in corrections, law enforcement, social agencies, and private sector business enterprises

Sports Administration


This program enables students to explore sports administration through the lens of subjects grounded in the liberal arts as well as professional studies.

  • Develop strong communication skills, resolve conflict, and provide direction in team settings
  • Prepare for a career in the sports industry



Develop skills in performance and production through immersion in literature and exposure to a performance practices. Collaboratively hone your artistic passions and understand how theatrical concepts represent the multiplicity of the human experience.

  • Prepare to become an actor, director, playwright, administrator, or theatrical technician



Understand how faith relates to the human experience and the world around us. Learn from a diverse faculty with expertise in biblical studies, historical and systematic theology, world Christianity, and theological ethics.

  • Complete research projects one-on-one with faculty members

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Second-Degree Program

Prepare for a nursing career in this one-year program designed for individuals holding a bachelor’s degree in another field. Master the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills needed to join the health-care field as a registered nurse.

  • Two-year accelerated option and three-year part-time option available as well

Applied Business Analytics

Graduate Certificate

Prepare to successfully design and develop business intelligence projects tailored to specific business needs. Using leading relational database tools, you will examine the design and development of databases and warehouses optimized for transaction processing and query efficiency. 

  • Total of 4 courses
  • Courses can count toward MBA coursework

Doctor of Education (EdD)


This program expands the knowledge of individuals who hold an EdS, and who are interested in the superintendent endorsement. Classes meet on weekends and are completed within two years, followed by a dissertation in the third year.

  • Work as a change agent to improve the education of children living in poverty circumstances

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Available as a post-master’s program, or BSN-DNP, this program is for nurses seeking a terminal degree. Master evidence-based practice, quality improvement, clinical informatics, health care economics, and more. We also offer a Family Nurse Practitioner track within the MSN program. The DNP program includes two areas of focus to select from:

  • Advanced Nursing Practice Clinical Leadership
  • Executive Leadership

Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Social Change (PhD)


Improve the education, development, and experiences for specialized populations characterized by unique circumstances. Classes meet on weekends in an interactive and engaging cohort-based design, with a culminating dissertation component in the fourth year of the curriculum.

  • Graduates make impacts in a variety of settings such as not-for-profit agencies, family advocacy, social policy, leadership in school environments, and higher education

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Professions Education (PhD)


The program prepares students from diverse health-care backgrounds for collegiate teaching, leadership, and research careers. Meant for working professionals, this program is conducted in a blended format, combining online learning with engaging in-person classrooms.

  • Teach health-care-related fields such as nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, and more

Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership in Higher Education (PhD)


Lead and progress within various higher education settings. Classes encompass relative topics, such as strategic planning, assessment, and multicultural and student development theory.

  • Graduates work and collaborate in both undergraduate and graduate settings, as well as community and technical colleges, nonprofit educational services, and government and community agencies

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


Exposure to the knowledge, skills, and treatments necessary to provide excellence in patient care from knowledgeable faculty. Experiences in service-driven settings, like our unique on-site service-learning clinic, provide valuable experiences.

  • Prepare for a career as a PT in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private practices, pediatric facilities, home health agencies, school systems, and more

Educational Specialist in Instructional Leadership and School Administration (EdS)


This principal certification advanced program develops educators to face today’s challenges.

  • Meant for educators who already hold a master’s degree in education
  • Become a school leader who collaborates with stakeholders, values the development of individual learners, and analyzes data to inform decisions

Master of Arts in Communication (MAC)


Master the field of communication through hands-on experiences and group analysis. Apply communication theory to current issues while understanding ethics and legalities across all media. Health-care concentration available.

  • Courses can be taken full- or part-time
  • Also available as a dual enrollment to be completed with an undergraduate degree

Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)


This fully online program is for individuals holding initial teaching certification and looking to take their teaching to the next level. Learn to collaborate with stakeholders, make instructional decisions based on individual needs, and incorporate data into pedagogical decisions. Select from the following emphasis areas:

  • Teacher Leadership, Grades P–12
  • Literacy Specialist Endorsement, Grades P–12

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


Open to individuals with a completed bachelor’s degree in any field, this program allows you to earn your teaching degree in one of the following grade levels:

  • Elementary Education, Grades P–5
  • Middle School Education, Grades 5–9
  • Secondary Education, Grades 8–12
  • Dual certification options available
  • Alternative Certification options when certain criteria are met

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Learn from full-time faculty with real-world experience. Benefit from mentorships, networking events, and personalized career services. Three program options are available:

  • Weeknight MBA, graduating in 2 years
  • Weekend MBA, graduating in 16 months
  • Executive MBA, graduating in 12– 16 months

Master of Education in Higher Education Leadership and Social Justice (MEd)


Direct student learning through professional positions in student life, academic affairs, athletics, and administration in a variety of higher education settings. Gain an in-depth understanding of leadership theory and social justice within higher education.

  • Fully online program can be completed full- or part-time while you work
  • Practitioner-focused curriculum includes one-on-one advising and mentorship

Master of Health Science (MHS)


This program of study is based on a core curriculum in health sciences and expanded into two specializations, which permits practicing professionals to assume advanced roles in health promotion and advocacy. Select from two areas of concentration:

  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Health Promotion and Social Change

Master of Health Science in Medical Laboratory Science (MHS)


Learn to analyze blood cells and body fluids, identify bacteria and viruses, and perform testing to support diagnoses.

  • Graduates work in biomedical research, forensics, biotechnology, toxicology, pharmaceuticals, and other industries

Master of Health Science in Respiratory Therapy (MHS)


Designed for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree in another field, this two-year program leads to a career as a respiratory therapist. Graduates work in hospitals, home care, and rehabilitation centers. Students in this program may also specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Health-care leadership
  • Health promotion and social change

Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT)


Coordinate health care for active individuals as an athletic trainer, working in schools, hospitals, clinics, and other settings. Athletic trainers are prepared to master the following competencies:

  • Injury/illness prevention and wellness promotion
  • Examination, assessment, and diagnosis
  • Therapeutic interventions

Master of Science in Digital Media (MSDM)


Master the world of digital communications and prepare to apply digital media and technologies in a global workplace upon graduation. Students can also elect to pursue a Health Communication Concentration within the program.

  • Courses can be taken full- or part-time
  • Also available as a dual enrollment to be completed with an undergraduate degree

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


Identify and address gaps in healthcare delivery and design with this online Master of Science in Nursing. This program prepares graduates in advanced practice nursing in order to lead change, promote health, and improve care. Students can select from a number of tracks, including:

  • MSN Administration
  • MSN Education

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Family Nurse Practitioner Track


Prepare to provide a wide range of preventive and acute health-care services to individuals of all ages. Students in this online program will complete selected clinical practica as part of the curriculum.

  • Graduates are eligible to apply for certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) or American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)
  • A post-master’s FNP option is available to those with an MSN in another area

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Executive Program


This MBA program is ideal for seasoned professionals with seven years of work experience, five of which are in a management or leadership position.Build on what you know and refine your business prowess in this accelerated format.

  • Classes meet on weekends
  • Progress through your courses with a cohort
  • Graduate in 12 to 16 months

Post-Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate

Second-Degree Program

Designed for students holding a bachelor’s degree in another field, this program is ideal for those looking to launch an accounting career. Students can complete the program in as few as three semesters. Day and evening classes are available.

  • Prepare to take the Kentucky CPA exam, or modify the program to take the CPA exam in another state

Post-MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Track (non-degree program)


Designed for registered nurses who hold an MSN degree in another area of concentration, this non-degree program prepares students to take the FNP certification exams offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP).

Radiation Therapy

Second-Degree Program

Open to students holding a bachelor’s degree in another field, this program prepares graduates for a career as a radiation therapist. This program can be completed within five semesters. Students enroll full-time and start in the fall.

  • Master theory and skill through a combination of classroom learning with hands-on clinical experience

Rank I Post-Master's Program (non-degree program)


This fully online program offers a best-practice, research-based curriculum with a foundation in the liberal arts. Candidates demonstrate proficiency to distinguished performance through the following criteria: individual course assessments, field and clinical evaluations, dispositional assessments, anchor assessments, and standardized exams.

  • Valid professional teaching certificate required showing teacher at a Rank 2 status with a completed Master’s

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